Here at Level Best Enterprises, we are always looking for new and exciting opportunities for our trainees. Over the last year, we have hosted a range of workshops at our community hub, including a masterclass in Italian cooking and a sushi-making course delivered by one of our own staff members.

Whether you’re a keen artist, a culinary connoisseur or a gardening enthusiast, our trainees would love to learn more about your passion and how they can get involved. We are currently looking to create a special programme of workshops for our trainees to join over the course of the year and are eager to welcome some fresh new faces to our enterprise.

If you have a set of skills or a unique hobby that you feel our trainees would benefit from learning more about, why not register your interest today and see if we can collaborate?

Get in touch through our contact form, introducing yourself and your workshop idea with a link to your website or social media, or browse our vacancies below. We look forward to hearing from you!