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Seasonal Produce at Level Best Colchester

Throughout the year, our trainees work hard in Level Best Enterprise’s allotment to grow an exciting variety of seasonal produce, most of which is used to make a range of tasty seasonal favourites in our Colchester city centre cafe.

Our kitchen space is packed to the brim with everything a trainee needs to become a seasonal pro, including jam and chutney making equipment, dehydrators, food processors and a collection of seasonal cookbooks.

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How are our trainees involved?

From local, homemade chutneys and jams to fruit cordials and pickles, our seasonal produce is made, marketed, and packaged by our trainees. As a group, trainees take part in exciting foraging trips around Colchester, where they spend the day learning all about locally grown produce by picking and tasting new fruits and berries.

This is just a small part of what our trainees get involved with, however. To get their creative juices flowing, trainees are given the opportunity to design their own food labels and market the products on our social media accounts, including putting together decorative displays for stalls. With the help of our specially trained staff, seasonal trainees are also encouraged to get involved with the wider community by attending local food markets and selling their own produce.

Local jams, chutneys, pickles and more!

From seed to jam jar, the majority of our seasonal produce is collected, grown and harvested by our group of gardening trainees. Through foraging trips and allotment work, our trainees work together to make and market a tasty range of produce, all of which is available to buy in our central Colchester cafe and local markets. Next time you think – where is there homemade jam, chutney or pickle for sale near me? Think Level Best!

Local Food Hampers

Whether you’re stocking up for the festive season or creating a handmade hamper for someone special, there’s something for everyone at Level Best Enterprises.

Come and visit us in store at our Colchester cafe to try and buy our seasonal produce.

Did you know…

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Our green-fingered trainees get gardening to supply the ingredients for our products

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You can buy (and eat!) our seasonal goods in our city centre cafe

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Frequently asked questions

Yes! Give us a call or email and we’ll be happy to put produce aside ready for collection. During the Christmas period we have an order form for our tasty homemade produce – check out our social media pages or join our mailing list for updates on this.

The produce we make follows the seasons. If you’re a fan of marmalade, come visit us in February. Elderflower Cordial (one of our bestsellers) is available from late June. Pickled Onions, Christmas Chutney and Christmas Jam are all available from November-December.

Check out our social media pages for live updates on what our trainees have been making or give us a call to see what we’ve got in stock.

We will do the best we can to meet the demand for large quantities or bulk orders. Get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss!

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Become a trainee

Get involved with our seasonal journey, from seed to jam jar, by booking your free taster session now.

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