What do we do? We asked our trainees to showcase their creativity and share with you what our team does every day at Level Best.

Hover over our photos to see us as our trainees see us!

Alison Headshot
Alison Drawing


Alison is the big boss. She sits in her office and does computer. Alison has a lovely personality who likes potatoes and gets really enthusiastic about planning Christmas parties.

Emma Headshot
Emma Drawing


Emma types up the bookwork and helps with work experiences. She knows how to disco dance, is super bubbly and talks a lot.

Jane Headshot
Jane Drawing


Jane does lots of textiles and likes to sew. She doesn’t like plastic things but she loves shiny things, and is a hilarious lady.

Connie Headshot
Connie Drawing


Connie does seasonal and goes down the park a lot. She loves natural things and is very funny, but also cheeky at times.

Sarah Headshot
Sarah Drawing


Sarah is always cooking in the kitchen and has lots of nice recipes. She is very caring and bossy, but in a nice way.

Adam Headshot
Adam Drawing


Adam cooks and does computer stuff. He is a very good man and always wears funny shirts. He also has very nice cats.

Angela Headshot
Angela Drawing


Angela is always doing cooking and other kitchen things. She is very helpful and funny.

Sofia Headshot
Sophia Portrait (1) Min


Sofia stands out the front, chatting to people and making them laugh. She waters the plants and helps trainees with the money. She brings a smile to people’s faces every day

Laura Headshot


Laura helps to serve food. She makes the best of scones. She can be chatty and funny.