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Level Best’s Colchester Art Gallery

The art gallery is for everyone and is an important part of Colchester’s thriving art community.

Run by trainees and staff together, it aims to offer work opportunities to our Art Trainees to help set the gallery up for exhibiting artists and invigilate the exhibitions. Trainees are encouraged to get involved in a whole range of important tasks, including curating, marketing the artists on our website and social media, and hanging and labelling each piece of artwork.

What’s on now

BIRDWORDS – Jane Stewart, Sally Child and Eggar Tist

Exhibit Art at Level Best’s Colchester Gallery

Here at the Level Best Gallery, we’re always looking to inspire our trainees and visitors with an exciting array of artwork. Whether you’re an established artist or you’re new to the art scene, our gallery is the perfect space to exhibit your work in a welcoming and professional setting. If you would like to exhibit art in our gallery, it costs just £200 per month plus VAT and is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm every weekday.

If you would like to have a private view to launch your show or exhibition, we can arrange this for any weekday evening from 5pm-8pm. To support artists, we don’t charge extra for this, although we kindly ask that you purchase a food package that has been lovingly prepared by our trainees. So, take the leap and book an exhibition here at Level Best’s Colchester Art Gallery. Click here to get in touch via our contact form.

Did you know…

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Our trainees are creative in the kitchen, as well as on canvas! Purchase tasty homemade seasonal produce in our café.

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When visiting our gallery, you can stop by our colchester café for some hearty lunch or tea and cake, downstairs from the exhibition space.

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Frequently asked questions

Our art gallery is open all day, from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. There are no entry costs, and you are free to browse the artwork on display for as long as you like!

It’s easy! Simply fill out a contact form and email it to us at You will need to pay a £200 (+ VAT) fee and your exhibition will be open to the public for four weeks.

Yes! Community groups, art clubs and societies are welcome to rent the whole gallery space and split the £200 rental fee between them. We would also consider renting separate wall spaces to different or collaborating artists.

Yes. To continue funding vital life and work experience for our trainees, we have a policy of taking a 25% commission on any sold works, including Greetings Cards and any other merchandise.

Located behind the café, the floor area of our gallery space is approximately 290 sq. ft with 590 sq. ft of available wall space. With an east-facing window and a double-height atrium space at the front, natural light is a given!

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