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Art Activities for Adults with Learning Disabilities

At the Level Best Art Studio, our aim is to provide all our trainees with the freedom and space to be as creative as possible.

In addition to painting and drawing we encourage each trainee to try out new techniques and find something that makes them excited, whether that be printing, weaving, mosaic making, digital art or sculpting. Our team of specially trained staff work closely with each trainee to help give them the confidence to create their own unique artworks, some of which you’ll be able to see on display as you enjoy a hot lunch and a coffee in our Colchester café.

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Sharing our Trainee Art

As well as showing their work in the Level Best Café, trainees regularly show their art with The Colne Gallery in Colchester’s General Hospital. Trainees are also given the opportunity to collaborate with other art groups across the UK, with a recent project being the creation of an information board in Brightlingsea with the Public Art Co.

Other exciting projects have included designing posters for railway stations on the Sunshine Coast Line and working closely with Signals Media Centre to make a series of short films.

Our Inclusive E-Newsletter

We give trainees the chance to write for and design our electronic newsletter, the ‘Level Best News’. Each quarter, we gather together a collection of recent stories and news pieces from each Level Best Enterprise and trainees compile them into an electronic news bulletin. Sign up for our newsletter here.


Find our more about our gallery, run by the staff and trainees here at Level Best.

When visiting our cafe…

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Our trainees are creative in the kitchen, as well as on canvas! Purchase tasty homemade seasonal produce in our café.

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You can discover new artists and even rent your own gallery space in our city centre cafe.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes! We have a wide range of art materials available for the trainees to use during their sessions, including oil pastels, acrylic paint, colour pencils and watercolours.

If a piece of our trainee art catches your eye, come and have a chat with us or send us an email on and we can help organise for that artwork to feature in your organisation.

During art sessions, trainees receive hands-on support from members of our team. Whether it’s advice on how to blend watercolours or edit photographs in Photoshop, we are always on hand to offer help.

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Become a trainee

If you want to challenge yourself and take your creative flair to the next level, register your interest to become part of our trainee team.

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