Whether you’re looking to join our team of friendly volunteers, become a Level Best Enterprises trainee or donate some money to support our Trust, we encourage anyone who’s interested to get involved!

Level Best Enterprises is a fun, friendly and inclusive organisation which is passionate about providing high-quality enterprise opportunities for adults and young people with learning disabilities. To help us give our trainees the confidence to grow and achieve their level best, we offer a range of exciting ways for members of the public to join the Level Best team, including paid jobs, volunteering roles, and sponsorship opportunities.

Interested in joining our growing team? Follow the links below to get in touch.

Become A Trainee

Become a trainee

Get in touch if you, or someone you know thinks they can achieve their level best through our meaningful work experience.

Become A Vounteer

Become a volunteer

If you’re eager to make a difference and put a smile on our trainees’ faces, why not join our growing team of friendly volunteers?

Level Best Jobs


We’re always looking for enthusiastic, passionate, and fun individuals to join our team!