At Level Best Enterprises, we make it our personal mission to challenge people’s perceptions of individuals with learning disabilities.

We’re committed to giving adults and young people access to meaningful activities that give them the confidence to grow and achieve their level best, which is why all our trainees are public facing.

Whether it be serving customers in our café or marketing upcoming exhibitions in our art gallery, we make sure that trainees have a role to play in all aspects of what we do. Not only do our volunteers and specially trained staff want to inspire each trainee through our four key enterprises, but we also want to allow our trainees to be themselves. Through cooking, gardening, making and creating, every trainee is welcome to try a new skill and discover their passion in an inclusive and supportive environment.

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Frequently asked questions

For potential Trainees interested in working in any of our enterprises, please complete the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.  If you would like to discuss a booking and/or general enquiries, please contact Emma Wadforth, Trainee & Service Development Manager on 01206 366059 or email

Yes! We offer free Taster Sessions in all of our enterprises prior to making any placement bookings. This allows Trainees to discover what enterprise/s are suitable for them. We understand that some individuals find it difficult to manage a new environment, therefore we welcome a visit to our building prior to booking a Taster Session, without obligation.

We strive to provide an affordable, quality service which is accessible to as many individuals as possible. We are flexible with how we invoice our Trainees in order to meet financial needs and circumstances. To find out more about our fees, please get in touch.

Our training sessions run from Monday to Friday.
Morning sessions take place between 9:30 am and 12:30 pm, and Afternoon sessions take place between 1:30 pm and 4:00 pm.

Attendance can vary for each Trainee, from a half day to a full week. We aim to tailor our service to meet the needs of the individual, subject to placement availability.

For new Trainees, we ask that a minimum placement of six weeks is booked initially. However, no minimum or maximum number of sessions are required for each week during that period.

Yes. At Level Best Enterprises, we understand that some Trainees require one-to-one support. There are no extra fee charges for Carers and Personal Assistants.

We are currently unable to provide transport. However, many of our current Trainees use local companies, such as


Trainees will be assigned a Keyworker after they have been in placement for six weeks. Keyworkers are responsible for devising Quarterly and Yearly Development Plans with Trainees to monitor their progress and set realistic and achievable goals.

Our skilled facilitators guide and mentor Trainees to promote independent living, teamwork, social skills and communication.  We strongly believe in empowering individuals to develop their skills, make positive choices and achieve their ‘level best’.

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    Level Best is a service that is accessible and open to the public. During session times we provide small group support but at break and lunch times we have large group support and supervision. Any trainee who has a history of or is at risk of absconding may need to be supported by their personal assistant. Please indicate below if there is a risk of this so we can discuss this further and to ensure the correct level of support is provided.



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    We would like to get to know you better so that we know what you like or dislike doing or where your interests lie. To help us do so please can you fill in the following information.

    For hygiene and safety reasons open toed-shoes, sandals and vests/sleeveless tops are not allowed. Short sleeved tops (t-shirts) and knee length shorts are permitted. Please could Trainees remove all jewellery and nail varnish before commencing work. Hair should be always tied back, and all clothing should be clean, presentable and without any rips or tears. All Trainees will be required to wear an apron and cap which will be provided at the start of each day. Unless these regulations are adhered to, Trainees will not be allowed access to the above areas to take part in the session.

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    Please note that information provided within this form and any relevant risk assessments will be treated in line with Level Best confidentiality policy and procedure. This means that information will only be disclosed to Level Best employees on a need to know basis. If there are any directives on sharing sensitive information please advise us accordingly.

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